Sunday Gatherings: 9:30am & 11:00am


Midweek Service
Wednesday Nights 6:45pm-8:30pm

Wednesday nights are a time for students to join together for corporate worship, public reading and teaching, and finally to respond appropriately to the scripture that is taught. Middle and High school are combined for worship on Wednesdays. This is for students in 6th grade -12th grade.
During our midweek gathering students meet in the gym to socialize and play ball around 6:45, sometimes we provide dinner or snacks, other times we jump straight into worship. Worship starts around 7:00.

In order to stay caught up with announcements and reminders about midweek services, when dinner will be served, or any big event join our Remind Group.

Sunday Groups
Sunday Mornings
9:30am High School
11:00am Middle School

Sunday mornings with FBCL Students is for groups.

High School meet on Sunday mornings at9:30am and Middle School meet on Sunday mornings at 11:00am. 

Students will meet in the Student Room and all of the Student Ministry will remain in that Student Room the entire hour.

During this hour they will review their HEAR Journals and a focus passage from the FBCL Bible Reading plan for the week with the college or adult leader of their choice. These groups or tables are separated by gender but not grade.

If your student does not have a HEAR Journal or Foundations book that is ok!

We can give them one or they can use any kind of journal to follow along with the Bible Reading Plan.