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Our church is in a multi-year succession plan for our lead pastor. During this season we are blessed to be lead by two co-pastors. This unique arrangement allows us to benefit from their distinct gifts and learn from the valuable experiences of seasoned leaders as well as the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm of younger ones.

Ronnie Kendall


FBCL has had the privilege of having Ronnie as their senior pastor for over three decades. His unwavering commitment to counseling and supporting families is evident in the ministry that the church offers. In the coming years, Ronnie will be retiring from the senior pastor position to become the full-time counseling pastor and head of our on-campus counseling center. He is the proud husband of Telesa and together they have three children - Kirby, Cole, and Annalyn. Recently, they have become grandparents, and they couldn’t be more excited about it!

Chase Snyder


Chase has been a valuable member of the pastoral staff for over 5 years. Initially hired as the Student Pastor he later transitioned to the role of Associate Pastor and now Co-Pastor. He has been receiving guidance from Ronnie in preparation for becoming the senior pastor when Ronnie retires and becomes the counseling pastor. Chase brings a wealth of knowledge and administrative skills to the pastoral staff. He is happily married to Annie and they have two children, Tripp and Brooke. They also recently welcomed a furry addition to their family named Ruby!

Ronnie Kendall


Chase Snyder


Pastors and Directors

Rick Bene

Adults & Discipleship Pastor

Barry Hardin

Facilities Director

Tony Hewatt

Associate Adults & Discipleship Pastor

Penny Lowery

Office Manager

Cody Mixon

Middle School Director

Tyler Moore

Student Pastor

Stephanie McDaniel

Preschool Director

Ashley Ottinger

Communications Director

Joshua Thompson

Kids Pastor

Justis Ward

Worship Pastor

Jimmy Wilson

Congregational Care Pastor

Support Staff

Sherry Blackhurst

Counseling Center Administrative Assistant

Hope Farran

Family Ministries Assistant

Sandy Owens

Pastoral Ministries Assistant

Angie Smith

Financial Assistant

Jordan Ward

Communications Assistant