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The basics of groups here at FBCL and why...

We believe intimate community is critical to the Christian walk. That’s why we prioritize groups.

Groups are a small collection of believers (3-6 people at the beginning) that meet regularly to discuss God’s Word, pray and live in community with one another. Groups are strategically designed to make disciples through bible reading, prayer, and fellowship.

- CONNECT BELIEVERS: to help believers connect in authentic community where they can be encouraged, supported, held accountable, and prayed for.
- GROW TOGETHER: to help believers grow and mature in their faith through the reading, applying, and responding to God’s Word.
- PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER: to experience the body of Christ in an intimate way - bearing burdens and praising the Lord together, through prayer.

Group gatherings are simple. Groups will utilize the the church-wide bible reading plan at each meeting - you’ll have fun conversation, share what’s on your heart, go over the weekly reading, and pray together.

Because we are called by the great commission to go and make disciples of all men, our groups are not designed to last forever, but to form new groups. Each group will go through three phases.
1. Connect - (0-6 Months) The first stage of a group will be based on growing together and establishing a strong community.
2. Grow - (6+ Months) This stage aims to double the groups size, inviting new member to join.
3. Duplicate - (12-18 months in) The group branches out and begins the cycle again as two independent

We encourage you to look at the people around you and start a group with them. Once you have your group, select a leader and have them sign up at this link. A staff member will reach out with a starter kit and all the supplies you need. Groups are self-led and a shared responsibility, but we ask to have one established contact person. This way, we can support and encourage your group as you walk together.

Don't know anyone?  Our Groups class meets on Sunday as a way to meet other people looking for groups. For specific times and location, email 

Questions about Groups? Contact our Groups Pastor Rick Bene