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Are you looking for a place to serve at FBCL but are not sure where you would be most compatible? Take our  S.H.A.P.E. survey to help see where you best fit. shape survey

2017 FCA Road Race

Dust off those racing shoes for the 15th installment of our Autumn 5K and 1 Mile Fun-Run. This year’s proceeds will benefit the Walton chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We’ll need runners and volunteers, so everyone can be

Bible Teacher Application

Bible Teacher Application

Rockstar Series

You can read story after story of the rich and famous who, from a distance, seem like they have it all together, but a closer look at their lives often reveals a very different picture. Don’t miss this new sermon

Beth Moore Simulcast

This Beth Moore Simulcast is designed to help ladies within our church and community go deeper into God’s Word. The theme is “Captivated – the Wonder of Christ on the Winding Road” and asks the big question – “Are you