Sunday Gatherings: 9:30am & 11:00am
Click HERE to download one file with all of the Elementary  Curriculum in one file (minus the videos).
Click HERE to download one  file with all of the Preschool Curriculum in one file (minus the videos).

For conversation starter with your elementary child about Faith & Salvation, click HERE.
For conversation starter with your preschool child about Faith & Salvation, click HERE.

(You can access each day / section below as individual files)
1. Who is VBS for?
VBS is for preschoolers, as well as all elementary age students. There are videos and activity links for preschoolers and separate videos and activities for elementary aged students. However, if you have a mixed group, all age kids can enjoy and learn from the elementary age video.

2. What is Virtual VBS?
Since FBCL isn’t able to host VBS due to Covid-19, we are bringing it to you. Virtual VBS is a series of 3 videos intended to be shown over the span of 3 days geared toward leading kids to FOCUS on their relationship with Jesus through what they SEE, HEAR, SAY, PRAY, and LIVE. In addition to the videos, there are links to activities that enforce the bottom line for the day. Everything you need for the activities are items we typically already have at home. Overall, Virtual VBS is a great opportunity to reach out to your family, friends, and neighborhood to get conversations started about faith in Jesus.

3. Where does Virtual VBS take place?
Virtual VBS will take place in your home, back yard, approved neighborhood pool, or park….wherever is comfortable for you to host a small group of kids!

4. When is Virtual VBS happening?
Technically, the goal is to have homes leading Virtual VBS on June 30th - July 2nd during whatever time of the days works best for you! However, since it’s virtual, if you need to choose other days that work better for your schedule, that’s fine too! (=

5. Why is there a need for Virtual VBS?
Kids are caught in the middle of a weird world. The events of 2020 have left many people feeling lonely, scared, skeptical, angry, divided and hopeless. Those adult realities aren’t lost on kids. They feel it too and are watching to see how their families, leaders, and Church responds. There is a need for Godly people to step up and lead the next generation, answering tough questions with truth from God’s Word and pointing them to the Savior of our broken world. Thank you for stepping up to lead!!!