Sunday Gatherings: 9:30am & 11:00am

Summer Renovation Plans

Here's how our renovations are impacting you.
Arrive early Sunday, August 8, as we make big class changes!

Our renovations are almost done, and we're ready to make the big change. We are so excited to get things moving, but first let's discuss how this impacts you.
Preschool check-in will now be located in the lobby of the Education Building. For those of you who are new, that's the building behind the our main Worship Center Building. There will be a balloon arch at the entrance so you know exactly where to go.
Kids check-in will now be located alongside preschool check-in in the lobby of the Education Building. Look for the balloon arch at the entrance.
Students (6th-12th grades) will meet in the Student Worship Center. Please Enter through the Gym!
Adult Classes that were previously held in the Education Building are now located in the Worship Center Building. Sandy Owens and your group leaders will be reaching out to let you know where each of your classes will be held.

If you can, try to arrive a few minutes early to allow for navigating these changes. We so appreciate your patience and flexibility during this exciting time!