The 18 to 25 age range is so crucial as many of life’s big decisions have to be made during this time. Where to work, what to study, whom to marry, and most importantly, whether or not to follow Christ into adulthood, are all major life issues that must be addressed. Even after pouring myriad resources into children from birth through high school graduation, many churches do little to continue the discipleship process into these young adult years.

It is our desire to continue to disciple this group through such important years. We do this by grounding them in the Word of God, surrounding them with like-minded believers who can encourage one another, and challenging them to step out in Christian service, both here and abroad, to address the spiritual and physical sufferings of a hurting world. If you’d like more info on how to get involved with YA @ FBCL contact Chase Snyder.


Small Group :: 11:00 am
E203/205 (2nd floor, Ed Building)


House Church takes place throughout the year, meeting at various locations. At each gathering you’ll get great food, great fellowship and an opportunity to participate in meaningful discussion about God’s word and how it’s applicable to your life. Contact Chase Snyder for more info.

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