Sunday Gatherings: 9:30am & 11:00am


Senior Leadership

Ronnie Kendall - Senior Pastor

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Rick Bene - Adults & Discipleship Pastor

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Keith Wages - Family Pastor

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Penny Lowery - Office Manager

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Chase Snyder - Communications Pastor

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Pastors & Directors

Angie Bolemon - Director of Assimilation

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Hannah Bruner - Worship Leader

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Barry Hardin - Facilities Director

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Alex Higgins - Worship & High School Associate

Tony Hewatt - Associate Adults & Discipleship Pastor

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Tyler Moore - Student Pastor

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Cody Mixon - Middle School Director

Heather Robinson - Children's Director

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Jimmy Wilson - Congregational Care Pastor

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Support Staff

Hope Lowery - Family Ministries Assistant

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Stephanie McDaniel - Preschool Ministry Assistant

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Sari Myers - Communications Assistant

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Sandy Owens - Pastoral Ministries Assistant

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Byron Ozbolt - Facilities Caretaker

Angie Smith - Financial Assistant

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Our Leadership Structure

ELDERS At FBCL, the two primary responsibilities of Elders are to devote themselves to prayer and to God’s word. These two disciplines help us protect the integrity our church, our pastor, and what we teach. More items fall under their care including aiding the Senior Pastor in determining vision and direction of the church, administering church discipline, and other areas in which their assistance is needed.
ADMINISTRATIVE DEACONS Administrative Deacons are tasked with aiding the Senior Pastor and the Staff in the area of administration. Based on their spiritual giftedness, experience, and passions, they serve in one of three areas: personnel, finance, or building and grounds. These men support our church by assisting in major decisions with regard to their specific area of expertise.
CONGREGATIONAL CARE DEACONS Congregational Care Deacons act as extensions of the ministry of the Senior Pastor as it pertains to shepherding the congregation. Their role consists of visiting the sick, the shut-in, and tending to the needs of widows. They also aid in the observance of communion.
CHURCH STAFF The staff at FBCL is responsible to plan and execute programs, events, and activities that help fulfill our mission. They work with Elders, Administrative Deacons, and Congregational Care Deacons to achieve that mission and ensure that the spiritual needs of our congregation are met.