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Communications Request

Communicating Ways To Get Involved

Have a ministry event to promote? This form is for you. This form is to be used by ministries of FBCL for any communication resources that would include: graphic design, videography, website updates, print materials, bulletin request, event registration, and social media promotions.
We believe in using every space for glory of God and for the good of our people and our community - that includes our digital and print space as well. We have a three-step process for submitting a communications request for content creation, social posting, website content, and print material to help your ministry spread the Gospel and make disciples.

This request is for FBC Loganville ministries and internal use.

Step 1 - Event Submission
All events and opportunities at FBCL must be submitted to our facility request. Submit information about your event here.

Step 2 - Communication Request
Now it is time for you to tell us about the content you need posted, created, or shared. Fill out the form below to give us an idea of the content you need for your ministry, event, or opportunity.

Step 3 - Creation of Communication Plan
After your request is submitted, we will contact you (within 5 business days) to let you know how we can accommodate your request. Every piece of communication is placed into the church's communication grid to give an overarching plan of communicating the mission and vision of our church. Chase will reach out to you with a communication plan that will share your event and work within the church calendar.

Communications Request Form

The form below will give us the information that we need to create a communications plan for your ministry's event. This will help us to clarify your message.

Also know that in order to serve our congregation well we evaluate all communications with our overall church communications grid. We will evaluate your request with our communication avenues to connect with the people that you are serving.

Communication avenues, frequency of content, and amount of content created will depend on the larger communication grid for the church's mission and vision. 
FYI: Each project request requires a different amount of time to create content. Your request must be submitted at least 3 weeks before you need your content to be posted to ensure we have graphics created and scheduled. T-shirts and print materials take a minimum of 3 weeks from the time we begin designing to the arrival of the product. For example, if your event needs to be promoted 3 weeks before the event, you need to submit the communications request 6 weeks before the event.