ELDERS  At FBCL, the two primary responsibilities of Elders are to devote themselves to prayer and to the Word thereby equipping them to aid in protecting the integrity of God’s word, His church, and the Senior Pastor.  Additionally, other items may fall under their purview including, but not limited to: aiding the Senior Pastor in determining vision and direction of the church, administering church discipline, and other duties in which their assistance is needed.

ADMINISTRATIVE DEACONS  Administrative Deacons are tasked with aiding the Senior Pastor and the Staff in the area of administration.  Based on their spiritual giftedness, experience, and passions, they serve in one of three areas: personnel, finance, or building and grounds.  These men support our church by assisting in major decisions with regard to their specific area of expertise.

CONGREGATIONAL CARE DEACONS  Congregational Care Deacons act as extensions of the ministry of the Senior Pastor as it pertains to shepherding the congregation.  Their role consists of visiting the sick, the shut-in, and tending to the needs of widows.  They also aid in the observance of communion.