New to the FBCL preschool ministry? We work hard to ensure that your child’s visit is as positive as possible, so we have set up a few things to aid you in your visit:



When you enter the parking lot through the main entrance, you will see special preschool parking on the left side of the Worship Center. Just enter through those side doors and you will already be on the preschool hall.


When you enter through the Preschool Entrance, you will follow signs to the Registration Desk. While there we will ask you to fill out a brief registration form and then a member from our Guest Services team will show you all that you need to know about where your child will be and about how our security procedures work. This same person will then escort you to your child’s classroom.


No one works alone in the Preschool area. A minimum of two trained teachers are required in each preschool room at all times to ensure the utmost safety of your child. A security system is also used at all times. If you would like the details about the safety and security procedures that we have in place, please contact the preschool office at 770.466.4250, x238.

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