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This year, we’ll send over 100 people throughout the world to share the love of Christ. Those who hear the Gospel aren’t the only ones whose lives are changed forever. Those who follow God’s command to “Go into all the world and preach the good news…” rarely return without a deeper understanding of the God we serve. Get more info»

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It takes hundreds of volunteers to keep FBCL running and actively serving our community. Whether you’re good with kids or adults, a paintbrush or a video camera, we can always find a place where you can use the talents and interests which God has given you. Find a place to serve»

Baptism is an outward expression of faith after accepting Christ as personal Savior and Lord. And, while it doesn’t “save” you, it is a step of obedience by following Christ’s example.
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While you’ll still be a “member” on paper, we like to think of our people as partners. Members have privileges. Partners have responsibilities. And we all have a responsibility to grow in love with Christ and in service to others. Find out how to partner with us»

Trying to find a way to give more consistently towards God’s work? Maybe you’re just planning to be out of town and want to make sure you’re staying in the habit of tithing. Whatever the case, online giving makes it easy for you. Read more»

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