May 9, 2017

Great marriages don’t just happen. But with an understanding of God’s blueprints and a willingness to work at it, you can return to, even surpass, the honeymoon phase and create a legacy of greatness. FamilyLife’s “Weekend to Remember” offers priceless tools to improve communication, resolve conflict, and rekindle passion in your marriage. Join other couples from FBCL as we work on growing stronger marriages. 

Notes to the Couples:

  • Please drive alone so that you can spend time with your spouse and talk about your marriage. You will especially enjoy this time on the way back after you have experienced the conference.
  • This weekend is about you, your spouse, and your marriage. It is not about hanging out with other couples, having group fun, or hanging out with the “guys” or “girls.”  You will definitely see other couples from FBCL at this conference, but your primary focus is your marriage.  You can get together with couples from FBCL before the conference begins or after it ends.
  • Staying at the hotel (Augusta Marriott and Convention Center), where the conference is being held is definitely a HUGE plus. Because we have “homework” assignments after each session, it is nice to quickly go to your room and work on the “homework.”   It is also saves a bunch of drive time if you don’t have to go from the conference hotel to another hotel.  Please book your hotel A.S.A.P. in order to get the discounted rate of $129 per night – normal rates are between $169-$209 per night (tell the folks at the Marriott that you are a part of the “Weekend to Remember”, Oct. 6-8) and to reserve a room.  If the on-site hotel is too expensive for your budget, please find a hotel that meets your needs in the area, but again, book it A.S.A.P.
  • If you want to hang out with other couples from FBCL – do so Friday before the conference (5 pm for dinner) or Sunday after the conference (12:30 pm for lunch). Once the conference begins, focus all your attention on your marriage.
  • The conference starts on time and ends on time. FamilyLife strictly adheres to the schedule, so don’t be late.  You don’t want to miss a minute, it’s THAT GOOD!
  • On Saturday, you will have a Date Night. Plan on being with just your spouse.  Make reservations at a local restaurant, bring some extra nice clothes, and plan on some extras like a romantic card, flowers, etc.  Enjoy this time with just your spouse.
  • During this conference, you will have opportunities to purchase books and resources that will help grow your marriage (and family). They have great resources to further enrich your marriage.
  • Check to see if your hotel has a microwave and/or refrigerator – this would definitely save some time and money, especially on breakfast.
  • The cost of this Weekend to Remember is as follows:
  1. Conference Fees $150 if you register during their BOGO sale during September 5th – 30th.  FOR THE CHEAPEST RATE, BOOK YOUR WEEKEND TO REMEMBER DURING THEIR BOGO FREE SALE, SEPTEMBER 5TH-30TH.  USE THE GROUP NAME “MarriageWeekendFBCL” (no space, capital sensitive).
  2. You can stay at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center (see additional information below) for a discounted rate of $129 per night, plus taxes, plus $7 per day for parking OR you can find another area hotel to stay in that better fits your budget.   PLEASE BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM ASAP!  Hotel rooms are limited.
  3. Food and Transportation to and from the conference. You will be responsible for all meals during this weekend (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches) and transportation to and from the conference.
  4. Hotel Information: Augusta Marriott at Convention Center. FamilyLife recommends that you enhance your getaway experience by staying overnight at the getaway hotel. You are responsible for making your hotel reservations. When you call the hotel to make your room reservation, mention that you are attending FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember.

Augusta Marriott at Convention Center

Two Tenth Street

Augusta, GA 30901-1133

Hotel phone: 706-722-8900

Special getaway hotel room rate: $129.00/night until 09/22/2017 (subject to availability) 

Parking: The Hotel agrees that registered guests and commuting FamilyLife guests may park in its parking facilities at the current rate of $7.00 per day, with unlimited in-and-out privileges.  Valet Parking will be at a rate of $18.00 per day for overnight guests only, with unlimited in-and-out privileges.  Parking and valet charges are subject to change.

  • Financial assistance is available. If you are need of financial assistance, please email me at We do not want finances to be a hindrance.
  • Book your hotel and conference separately – but book the hotel a.s.a.p. Book your Weekend to Remember Conference during the BOGO free sale, October 5th-30th.    FamilyLife’s phone number is 1-800-358-6329.
  • You have the freedom to sit with other couples from FBCL or to sit by yourself during the conference – remember this weekend is about focusing on you and your marriage.
  • For additional question or information, go to the FamilyLife website,, or talk to Rick Bene (404-569-9168).